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A funny thing happened   
05:05am 28/12/2006
mood: impressed
So my mother was dragging me to the doctors, and she had this CD on. A guitar was playing a VERY familiar melodic pattern, so I hummed along, "finishing" the rest of the melody. But lo and behold... a few measures later, it was CLEAR what it was.

An instrumental version of Yerushalayim shel Zahav.

I asked her where I got the CD, and she said it was given to her by a friend of a friend. I asked her if this person was Jewish or Israeli, and she apparently was not. Apparently, it was a compilation of songs that just "sounded good". Amazing Grace was Track 1!

Things so Jewish could be so integrated into Gentile society, and they wouldn't even realize it.
Now THAT'S SUPER!!!!   
08:08pm 03/12/2006
mood: exhausted
Last night, I was out with my mother, as I needed that post-crash comfort moment. It just happened to be a charity concert for the Chinese Bette Midler - or if you prefer, Celine Dion. Glam, decades-old showtunes, you name it. Which means that the only thing that would've made it more gay was if I had been watching Rodger's and Hammerstein with a male nurse's cock in my mouth.
To the assholes who stole my jackets   
12:45am 17/11/2006
mood: pissed off
I am out for your blood.

That is all.
Moshiach, Moshiach, MOSCHIACH!!!! Moshiachのマークは流星!!!   
08:19pm 04/11/2006
mood: cheerful
I may have just heard a song that sounded as if it was the theme song of the Messiah, if he was Ultraman. Or Dschinghis Khan.
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05:24pm 22/09/2006
mood: festive
לשנה טובה!!!
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"We ain't turrists, we ain't got nuthin' tuh hide"   
08:49pm 18/09/2006
mood: cranky
Attention pro-Facebook Feed shills:

What part of "after the fact" do you not understand? Privacy options, shmoptions. While you're at it, look up "accountability".
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It's all relative   
03:17am 17/09/2006
mood: contemplative
When you're surrounded by Ashkenazic Jewish young men, a population famous for its white-boy syndrome... amateur breakdancing (OMGLOOK6STEP) seems impressive by comparison.
Why I am NOT for Ben Cardin   
09:59pm 12/09/2006
mood: disappointed
It's not just his wishy-washy, moderate positions on the war and health care, either.

Throughout the history of the MD senatorial campaign, we hear that the race was between two Democrats: Kweisi Mfume and Ben Cardin. Others like Allan Lichtman and Josh Rales are conveniently left out of the equation. But that's not it. Cardin has been chosen - and YES, ANOINTED - by the party machine as their favorite. This anointment has not only enabled Cardin to forget doing actual campaigning, but it has forced the others, including Mfume, to campaign twice, sometimes ten times, as hard.
No, it doesn't stop their, either! Cardin's supporters say that he is "the one", not because he was dressed up by the party machine, but because he's a "strong candidate". Yes, the man who has not made any effort to do some real campaigning, but rather sending his supporters to rally support, is a "strong candidate". Not only that, the others are "weak candidates" who won't be able to stand up to Uncle Mike, from whom there's some threat, likely imagined, that he stands a chance of winning the race, and thus the other candidates would "spoil" the race. I met one - TWO - of these assholes today.
Could this be any further from reality? First of all, this assumes that during the primaries, where we are of one party, that we should vote "strategically" instead of the way we like. Second, it claims that one could win a competitive race without doing any real campaigning? Hell... without any drive to WIN? Where has Cardin appeared to make speeches? Where are the town hall meetings featuring Ben Cardin? Surely he didn't go beyond the Baltimore-Montgomery belt. Has Cardin even run any ads? I didn't vote for Josh Rales, but I have to admire him, because at least he ran ads - and good ones, too. Does Cardin just think he can glide by on endorsements, "name recognition", and the party's favor? Even Mfume has a comparable amount of endorsements and "recognition", but guess which one he doesn't have. Third, it makes the mistake that "Ben Cardin" has even a modicum of "strength", whereas I heard no more an articulate and passionate man than Allan Lichtman, and after that, Rales. But Cardin? Come ON! If there ever was a more self-entitled candidate... not even Bob Casey was this bad.
So that's that. In the end, I will vote for the Democrat in the general, because after all, it is an "anyone but Uncle Steele" race. I would even vote for Cardin if I have to, but not Zeese. But Maryland Democrats have a LOT of lessons to learn in the wake of this primary.
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10:08pm 10/09/2006
mood: bitchy
Being a bit presumptuous, aren't we?
Fuck, even "independent" sites are anointing him.
The REAL choice
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O'Falafel was right   
12:17am 06/09/2006
mood: pissed off

First Chuck D, then Marc Maron, now Mike Malloy. Is there no truthseeking voice they won't silence? Is Randi not far off?
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Is it just me...   
01:34am 20/08/2006
mood: bitchy
Or am I not giving a flying fuck about "SNAKESONAPLANEOMGOMG"?
Or is everyone in the US a fucking /b/tard?
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Once again, DailyKos disappoints me   
10:00am 09/08/2006
mood: blah
So ready to throw over a progressive voice like Cynthia McKinney - TWICE. Well fucking congratulations, guys. But go ahead - pat yourselves over your backs for Lamont. OMG T3H NETR00TZ TR1UMFD
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You idiots   
06:33am 07/08/2006
mood: bitchy
A ceasefire is a temporary solution, NOT a permanent settlement

Tired of fucking idiots on all sides thinking "ceasefire" = "treaty".
Israeli response disproportionate?   
10:25pm 06/08/2006
  You be the judge.

As always, Jon Stewart is not only my President, but also my Secretary of State and UN Secretary General.
Something to think about   
01:23am 31/07/2006
  Four guys at a bar.

Al's a big guy, very strong, very tough,made some mistakes recently but overall been regarded as a good guy.His buddy Ian is smaller, wiry, pretty tough himself and always readyfor a scrap. Larry is kind of the helpless one of the group in a scrap,and currently has his brother Harry as a roommate who runs all overhim. Harry's kind of a sadistic asshole.

After a long nightsdrinking, Harry gives Ian a vicious jab to the ribs. Ian's pissed andwants to take a swing, but Harry dodges behind Larry.

Ian raises his fist, and warns Larry "Kick Harry's ass, our your both meat!"

Alis now steadfastly paying attention to his beer. HHe's not fond ofHarry, and suspects him of being friends who Ira and Stan, two guys hehates - so if Harry gets his ass kicked, it's fine with Al.

Alot of folks at the bar want Al to intervene. Even the ones who don'tlike Al know he's really the only guy who can step in between Ian andanyone else, if he goes they'll follow. But they're afraid of steppingin themselves, both because they'll get pasted and because Ian'sfriends might give them guilt trips, even if they felt like they wereacting in Ian's best interests.

So, the bar watches as Ianstarts beating the shit out of Harry. Its ugly, they can hardly believeIan's getting that vicious. Even those who wanted to step in on Ian'sside after the jab are backing away.

Meanwhile, Harry keeps Larry between him and Ian, stepping out every once and a while to take a cheap shot to keep Ian pissed.

Ira and Stan, observing from the other side of the bar, just keep their distance, and laugh.
Fides | 07.25.06 - 9:58 am | Original
07:35pm 20/07/2006
mood: cranky
In other news....   
05:40pm 09/07/2006
mood: pleased
Italy wins on penalties.

Take THAT, you fucking frogs.
Fuck 'em all   
05:37pm 09/07/2006
mood: pissed off
If left blathersphere bigwigs want to justify each others' asshole behaviors, they are surely free to do so. Meanwhile, there are other outlets for true progressive spirit, like MyDD(?), Booman, Poor Man, Jesus's General...
Bizarro world   
11:00pm 06/07/2006
mood: cranky
The videos that show Cindy Sheehan completely deflecting The White Ho are being depicted on YouTube by the conservotard sockpuppets as somehow Cindy was crushed.

What a world we live in.
Thanks a lot, UN   
09:11pm 26/06/2006
  Just happens to be on the same day.

Not that this'll matter one bit to Torquemada Gonzalez. (Hi, NSA!)
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